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April Babies
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This community is for mother's who had their babies in or around April 2009. This is a safe place to talk about your April Fools. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion you can rest assured that your thoughts and decisions will not be met with a negative response from the members in this community. I would like EVERYONE to feel comfortable here. Everyone is different and will do what they feel is best for their child and I'd appreciate everybody being respectful of that.


What is expected from me as a member of this community?
*I trust you to be mature and to respect all the members. You will be banned if you are found harrassing members for any reason whatsoever- no warnings.
*While posting regularly isn't necessary, It is requested that you submit an introduction post, (see below). You can post as frequently as you like, about anything you want.
*If you have a problem with another member please email me at metalmadchen@yahoo.com, I will do my best to quickly resolve any issues. Also feel free to email me with any suggestions or ideas.


Introduction Post
Feel free to copy/paste this and answer the questions, or just use this as a general guideline.
(Keep in mind that you can elaborate as little or as much as you would like)
1. What is your name and age?
2. Where are you located?
3. When was your baby born?
4. What is the sex of your baby?
5. What did you name them?
6. Do you have any other children? (If so, names and ages?)
7. How are you enjoying motherhood?
8. What do you like best about being a mother?
9. What do you like least about being a mother?
10. Anything else you'd like to add.


your moderators are uglyowl! and metalmadchen!